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Cornerstone Benchmarks

A pure PaaS solution in the cloud, survey and reporting engine.

This application surveys financial institutions in order to provide them with a report about how their organization can measure itself against the latest trends and data to increase their performance and become future-ready organizations.

Data quality is an ongoing issue in the enterprise space, even more in the financial industry. In order to increase completion and data quality user experience, user interfaces and the databases that surveys drive to are of the utmost importance.

Solution Design

In partnership with Cornerstone it was determined that the application must:

  • Be a responsive Single Page Application (SPA)
    • No post-backs, re-render data and user interface in response to user interaction as opposed to reloading whole pages
  • Pure PaaS (Platform as a Service) Solution in the Cloud – no hardware, no software, no patching, no infrastructure maintenance
  • Include a complex validation rule-set to predict user errors on question input
  • Run complex surveys in real time, dynamically changing questions based on answers (skip logic)
    • A complex matrix of 1100 questions, across 22 sections, served to users dynamically based upon their answers
  • Have a modern, user-friendly interface that assists the user in getting through a very complicated and time-consuming survey
  • Have ‘on the fly’ rule validation and self-management capabilities
    • A client can create users and have different people answer different sections that pertain to their expertise

AngularJS and Bootstrap directly facilitated the SPA solution by increasing the efficiency of coding. The development team also leveraged continuous integration to involve the customer in pushing modules from development to quality assurance, approve pre-release and participate in the deployment process.


  • Released to an excellent reception from Cornerstone’s customers.
  • The quality of the data produced by the application is an order of magnitude better than previous versions of the application.
  • Enables Cornerstone to stop customers from abandoning the lengthy survey process by removing friction in the user experience.
  • Helped Cornerstone to maintain loyalty with their customers and to keep them in the program by providing reports with more accurate data, faster reporting and a more user-friendly experience.

Building Trust Through Project Success


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