Bot Q & A

Bot Q & A

Utilizing bots for your website and reaping their benefits requires education and awareness. What is a bot? What is not a bot? Do I need to be afraid of them? Relax, and browse the FAQs surrounding bot usage below to learn about what they fully entail. What is the...
A Chat about Bots

A Chat about Bots

First, what are Bots, really? Simply put, they are: digital assistants, conversation-based software interfaces that communicate via speech, text, imagery or any combination thereof. Designed and implemented correctly, they can empower customers to engage with your...
Valore Partners Hires Former Microsoft General Manager to Open Seattle Area Office

Press release

Valore Partners Wins City of Phoenix Hackathon Digital Assistant showcases Smart City possibilities. Valore Partners won the Voice Assistants for Cities hackathon hosted by Arizona Institute for Digital Progress and the City of Phoenix. Digital Assistants, commonly...

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