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Get to know a few of the Valore Partners Consultants

As a .Net Development Consultant with Valore Partners, I work on-site with our client teams to create innovative solutions to their business challenges. I am very passionate about what I do. One of the most rewarding aspects of the job is that together with the Valore Partners management team, we work through and solve complex projects that positively impact our clients’ businesses.

Before joining Valore Partners, I worked in a leadership capacity at both a large enterprise business as well as a small start-up. Working now at a mid-size firm, I get the best of both worlds; we work on exciting projects with household name clients, but still retain employee centricity and flexibility. In just a few years, I feel I’ve virtually tripled my knowledge base, learning a multitude of new languages and skills. Outside of work, I love festivals and you’ll usually find me attending anything food and drink related.

Join Our TeamAll in all, my experience with Valore Partners has been a great one. The leadership team supports its people and gives us the opportunities to continually push forward towards our own version of success.

Matt has been with Valore Partners since July 2016

I’m the Talent Acquisition Manager for Valore Partners and as such, I’m typically the first point of contact for potential employees. In the Consulting world, we’re looking for candidates who have the right blend of technical skills and ‘soft skills’ including communication skills, time management, emotional intelligence and leadership ability. Myself and my team have worked hard to create a balanced, supportive and positive employee culture right from the first email, phone call or text message exchange.

In my own professional career, I’ve had the pleasure of working in various aspects of Recruitment and Human Capital in 4 different countries, including Canada (my home country), The Cayman Islands, Thailand and now here in the United States. I also hold a Masters degree in International Relations, specializing in Ethnic Relations; it’s safe to say that people are my passion. Now happily married to an Arizona native, my husband and I take advantage of all the surrounding area has to offer as well as carving out time to explore new parts of the world whenever we can.

Join Our TeamI’ve worked with Valore Partners since I first landed in the United States and couldn’t be happier with the company and people that I work with on a daily basis. It’s much easier to promote and grow a business where your own values align with that of the firm’s and I’m lucky enough to have found that with Valore Partners. 

Kathleen has been with Valore Partners since April 2016

I’ve been with Valore Partners since 2011. Beforehand, I was with a different firm that would not move me away from .NET work as I became more proficient with BI. My work deals primarily with SQL, primarily Power BI Azure Analysis services. SSIS is probably my strongest since I’ve done that the most.

I’ve had some great projects that make my work exciting. I led a project working with a major hospital network to build a customized tool to give physicians and administrators a way to provide better care for their patients based on metrics and accountability. The project also required a complicated reporting capability for the Shared Savings model of Affordable Care Organizations.

At Valore Partners, challenge comes with the job but we get the chance to stay current with evolving technology. I have the opportunity to go to classes and trainings and re-certify myself whenever it’s necessary. I’ve helped ramp up the BI practice here as a Principal Consultant and get to work extensively in Power BI, an emerging technology.

I’m a parent. I have a 3-year-old daughter. I like to play softball. Join Our TeamThe work life balance here is good, the people here know me but also know my family.

Mitch has been with Valore Partners since February 2011

I’m the Collaboration Practice Lead at Valore Partners. My background before coming here was also as a consultant. Right now I’m working on a custom web development project on Azure, with SQL Server and Power BI. My strengths are Sharepoint, Workflow and Power BI.

I was attracted to Valore Partners for the community, I appreciate the way they encourage teams to get together outside of client sites or the offices. I haven’t worked with everyone here, but almost everyone! We are a very professional group and everyone really knows their stuff. If the path is clear, they’ll get it done. If they don’t, they’ll ask questions. You can count on colleagues here to get it done, they are reliable. No one has ever dropped the ball on me.

I find our work satisfying. Technology wise, you can easily overcome challenges by taking a different approach or digging a little deeper. Other challenges we encounter are political or bureaucratic and as consultants, we sometimes add the role of counselor to our toolbelt.Join Our Team

Outside of my professional life and staying out of the heat, I RV a lot with the family. Fun outdoors like fishing, biking, and kayaking.

Melissa has been with Valore Partners since May 2008.

I am passionate about technology and love working in consulting. Over the last 25 years, I’ve worked with a number of similar firms and VP is by far the best place to work. I’m surrounded by such a high level of talent here.
I work in the Custom Enterprise Development team, so I get a lot of the exciting projects. One especially unique and impactful project was for a large utility company here in the Valley. Especially with the drought in the news, water delivery and routing here in Arizona is important. We wrote a system to measure consumption and automate delivery, bringing together several systems and a front end responsive UI to simplify the process.

When I started with VP, I was a strong developer before coming here with very a specialized skillset. Since then, I’ve become more of an architect. Clients want thought leadership and system design, in addition to development and VP has given me the opportunity to grow more into this role.

At Valore Partners, we control and resolve tense situations. In many cases as Consultants, we are brought into a client specifically due to an emergency situation. If a client has missed a delivery date, for example, I may be brought in to assess the problem and get them across the finish line. Join Our TeamThe great thing is that I have a full team behind me at VP that I can rely on if I need assistance.

Whether it’s technical, systems or managerial, we have each others’ backs.

Cory has been with Valore Partners since September 2009

I am a data/business intelligence professional who has worked across a myriad of positions and industries. Outside of the office I spend most of my time picking up new hobbies such as gardening, brewing, and hiking and figuring out how to apply data to improve my performance in those areas. I joined Valore Partners because of the talented individuals I would be afforded the ability to work with and learn from.

I currently work the entire Microsoft SQL BI Stack in addition to many Azure cloud technologies such as Stream Analytics, Data Lake, and Databricks. My strength is generally understanding the use of output by end users and backing my way into a design philosophy that enables that specific functionality they are looking for. Valore provides me with the guidance and funds to pursue the learning of new technologies in addition to pushing me to achieve longer term goals such as technical certifications. The Valore support system is the best I’ve encountered in my career thus far.

The biggest challenge I’ve faced is learning new industries and understanding how they are leveraging data for competitive advantage. Jargon and lingo are initially huge hurdles as they come second nature to those working there but must be picked up on quickly, so you can better understand conversations that are taking place. The key qualities a good consultant possesses in my opinion aren’t necessarily technical, although those do matter. A client expects an excellent quality product, and we always have to work with other individuals in achieving a common objective whether those are project managers, or technical resources. Elevating everyone around you is imperative to achieve the team’s goals and finding ways to make that happen will ultimately lead to a prosperous engagement.

Overall, if you’re looking to take your career to the next level, I highly recommend Valore Partners. The experience you gain from being a consultant cannot be replicated. Truly learning what it takes to succeed as a team when everything is on the line is how great things are accomplished.

In the end, it comes down to trust and it’s great to feel your employer trusts you and you can trust your employer.

Robert has been with Valore Partners since January 2016.

I’m a Consultant at Valore Partners and enjoy anything creative! I love photography, art, writing, cooking and of course my wonderful husband and our dog. I’ve been in the industry for a long time and have had the opportunity to work with many different technologies over the years, but primarily I’m a .Net C# developer, with a recent focus on JavaScript technologies like Angular, Knockout and Bootstrap.

When I was looking for a new role, Valore Partners really stood out to me. I was interviewing with other consulting firms at the time, but I really liked VP’s employee-centric mindset. It’s clear that they want to empower their employees to do a good job. I’m a total over-achiever and pride myself on doing my job well, so this works perfectly for me. Now that I’ve worked with several members of the team, I can tell you one thing for sure—Valore Partners team members are FUN! I really enjoy working here. Everyone is team-oriented and encouraging. We celebrate and recognize our wins as a company, even though everyone is spread out on different projects throughout the valley. We get together about once a month for company happy hours too, which is a nice way to stay connected and meet new team members.

Even though I love what I do, work/life balance is very important to me and Valore Partners supports us in keeping that balance. Sometimes I’m deep in the zone and lose track of time, but the team members I work with always remind that it can wait until tomorrow.

One of the things I love about Consulting is that clients are happy to tap into all of your unique skills. In addition to development work, I’ve also been able to help out one of my clients with some UI design work, which I was thrilled about. In terms of challenges, I’d say the toughest part of the job is keeping up with the changes in technology. As a Consultant, it’s important that you’re able to pick up and learn new technologies quickly. I’ve learned that its best to expect that on any new project you will have to dedicate some time to learning new skills. If you expect it every time, you’re not surprised when it happens. But, I like this aspect of the job. It keeps me motivated to stay up to date. Valore Partners supports the Consultants in this respect too. They’ll reimburse you for all of your Pluralsight courses and Microsoft Certifications.  If you have any questions, there’s always someone who can help on the team via Yammer, Skype, email or phone calls! Everyone is very responsive and helpful.

For anyone interested in Consulting, you need to ask yourself if you’d be comfortable in a customer facing role. Having a “customer service” mindset is key. You need to keep in mind at all times that you are representing Valore Partners and you’re on assignment to add value for your customers. Communication is also extremely important. So if you’re a highly introverted person, you might not enjoy this part of the job as much. Personally, I’m always eager to refer my friends to Valore Partners if I think they’d be a good fit. I love my job, so I’m happy to tell people my story.Join Our Team

Karen has been with Valore Partners since March 2016

I am a Consultant with the Custom Enterprise Development Team. When I’m not working, you’ll find me surrounded by friends and family, riding my Harley or off traveling somewhere with my girlfriend.

I joined Valore Partners specifically for the variety that the Consulting world offers. Projects differ not only in physical location, scope and specific technologies used, but also by industry and vertical. It’s the best way that I’ve found for a developer like myself to gain an incredible amount of experience very quickly.

So far, I’ve found that the key skill set that someone needs to be successful in Consulting is flexibility. You need to be the type of person that willing to pivot from one direction to the next, while still maintaining a high standard of work. We are constantly aligning and re-aligning our goals with different groups and key stakeholders within both our own company and the client’s company.

Some of the major differences between Consulting and traditional enterprise jobs is time management and critical thinking. In my previous roles, we were assigned a growing list of tasks and every day we’d simply chip away at them. Now when we are given a new task by the client, we have to think critically about the accuracy/relevancy of this task, the time allotment and whether it can be finished on time, end goal priorities and so on. It’s definitely more organized and structured in that respect.

I truly can’t see myself wanting to move into any other industry or work for another company. My colleagues are like family, the management is fair and transparent, the projects we work on are exciting and challenging, the work/life balance is perfect—not sure what else I could ask for.Join Our Team

Michael has been with Valore Partners since March 2017, and he won Consultant of the Year for 2017!

I’m a Senior Principal Consultant here at Valore and have been with the company for over twelve years. I worked with Jeremy and Bert, and others from previous companies. When they started Valore Partners, I followed them.

I’ve worked on far too many clients to make a list, but one of the most interesting and challenging projects was for a national home builder who wanted an on premise solution. We did a Proof of Concept for them and then went in and got them up and running. This included migrating all data (25-30 million data records) along with customization, so it was no small task. At the project’s peak we must have had 7 or 8 consultants on-site.

One of the nice things about this company is that we have experts in multiple practices. When we have technical challenges with infrastructure, database needs or reporting needs, we have guys totally specialized in these areas. It makes it better for our team because even if we come in for CRM, we can end up solving other business challenges using.Net development and BI. That being said, Valore Partners is also very supportive in regards to providing the training and tools needed to improve our skills such as providing paid certifications as well as various courses/workshops that help us stay current.

I see myself here many years from now because I love the company and how they treat us. I’ve never been tempted to look in to any other company because I appreciate the relationships I have here and how they’ve taken care of me and my family. I feel a great loyalty to Valore Partners and I don’t see that changing anytime soon.Join Our Team

Paul has been with Valore Partners since November 2006

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