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I’m a Consultant at Valore Partners and enjoy anything creative! I love photography, art, writing, cooking and of course my wonderful husband and our dog. I’ve been in the industry for a long time and have had the opportunity to work with many different technologies over the years, but primarily I’m a .Net C# developer, with a recent focus on JavaScript technologies like Angular, Knockout and Bootstrap.

When I was looking for a new role, Valore Partners really stood out to me. I was interviewing with other consulting firms at the time, but I really liked VP’s employee-centric mindset. It’s clear that they want to empower their employees to do a good job. I’m a total over-achiever and pride myself on doing my job well, so this works perfectly for me. Now that I’ve worked with several members of the team, I can tell you one thing for sure—Valore Partners team members are FUN! I really enjoy working here. Everyone is team-oriented and encouraging. We celebrate and recognize our wins as a company, even though everyone is spread out on different projects throughout the valley. We get together about once a month for company happy hours too, which is a nice way to stay connected and meet new team members.

Even though I love what I do, work/life balance is very important to me and Valore Partners supports us in keeping that balance. Sometimes I’m deep in the zone and lose track of time, but the team members I work with always remind that it can wait until tomorrow.

One of the things I love about Consulting is that clients are happy to tap into all of your unique skills. In addition to development work, I’ve also been able to help out one of my clients with some UI design work, which I was thrilled about. In terms of challenges, I’d say the toughest part of the job is keeping up with the changes in technology. As a Consultant, it’s important that you’re able to pick up and learn new technologies quickly. I’ve learned that its best to expect that on any new project you will have to dedicate some time to learning new skills. If you expect it every time, you’re not surprised when it happens. But, I like this aspect of the job. It keeps me motivated to stay up to date. Valore Partners supports the Consultants in this respect too. They’ll reimburse you for all of your Pluralsight courses and Microsoft Certifications.  If you have any questions, there’s always someone who can help on the team via Yammer, Skype, email or phone calls! Everyone is very responsive and helpful.

For anyone interested in Consulting, you need to ask yourself if you’d be comfortable in a customer facing role. Having a “customer service” mindset is key. You need to keep in mind at all times that you are representing Valore Partners and you’re on assignment to add value for your customers. Communication is also extremely important. So if you’re a highly introverted person, you might not enjoy this part of the job as much. Personally, I’m always eager to refer my friends to Valore Partners if I think they’d be a good fit. I love my job, so I’m happy to tell people my story.


Karen has been with Valore Partners since March 2016


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