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I’m the Collaboration Practice Lead at Valore Partners. My background before coming here was also as a consultant. Right now I’m working on a custom web development project on Azure, with SQL Server and Power BI. My strengths are Sharepoint, Workflow and Power BI.

I was attracted to Valore Partners for the community, I appreciate the way they encourage teams to get together outside of client sites or the offices. I haven’t worked with everyone here, but almost everyone! We are a very professional group and everyone really knows their stuff. If the path is clear, they’ll get it done. If they don’t, they’ll ask questions. You can count on colleagues here to get it done, they are reliable. No one has ever dropped the ball on me.

I find our work satisfying. Technology wise, you can easily overcome challenges by taking a different approach or digging a little deeper. Other challenges we encounter are political or bureaucratic and as consultants, we sometimes add the role of counselor to our toolbelt.

Outside of my professional life and staying out of the heat, I RV a lot with the family. Fun outdoors like fishing, biking, and kayaking.

Melissa has been with Valore Partners since May 2008.




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