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I’m a Senior Principal Consultant here at Valore and have been with the company for over twelve years. I worked with Jeremy and Bert, and others from previous companies. When they started Valore Partners, I followed them.

I’ve worked on far too many clients to make a list, but one of the most interesting and challenging projects was for a national home builder who wanted an on premise solution. We did a Proof of Concept for them and then went in and got them up and running. This included migrating all data (25-30 million data records) along with customization, so it was no small task. At the project’s peak we must have had 7 or 8 consultants on-site.

One of the nice things about this company is that we have experts in multiple practices. When we have technical challenges with infrastructure, database needs or reporting needs, we have guys totally specialized in these areas. It makes it better for our team because even if we come in for CRM, we can end up solving other business challenges using.Net development and BI. That being said, Valore Partners is also very supportive in regards to providing the training and tools needed to improve our skills such as providing paid certifications as well as various courses/workshops that help us stay current.

I see myself here many years from now because I love the company and how they treat us. I’ve never been tempted to look in to any other company because I appreciate the relationships I have here and how they’ve taken care of me and my family. I feel a great loyalty to Valore Partners and I don’t see that changing anytime soon.

Paul has been with Valore Partners since November 2006




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