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I am a data/business intelligence professional who has worked across a myriad of positions and industries. Outside of the office I spend most of my time picking up new hobbies such as gardening, brewing, and hiking and figuring out how to apply data to improve my performance in those areas. I joined Valore Partners because of the talented individuals I would be afforded the ability to work with and learn from.

I currently work the entire Microsoft SQL BI Stack in addition to many Azure cloud technologies such as Stream Analytics, Data Lake, and Databricks. My strength is generally understanding the use of output by end users and backing my way into a design philosophy that enables that specific functionality they are looking for. Valore provides me with the guidance and funds to pursue the learning of new technologies in addition to pushing me to achieve longer term goals such as technical certifications. The Valore support system is the best I’ve encountered in my career thus far.

The biggest challenge I’ve faced is learning new industries and understanding how they are leveraging data for competitive advantage. Jargon and lingo are initially huge hurdles as they come second nature to those working there but must be picked up on quickly, so you can better understand conversations that are taking place. The key qualities a good consultant possesses in my opinion aren’t necessarily technical, although those do matter. A client expects an excellent quality product, and we always have to work with other individuals in achieving a common objective whether those are project managers, or technical resources. Elevating everyone around you is imperative to achieve the team’s goals and finding ways to make that happen will ultimately lead to a prosperous engagement.

Overall, if you’re looking to take your career to the next level, I highly recommend Valore Partners. The experience you gain from being a consultant cannot be replicated. Truly learning what it takes to succeed as a team when everything is on the line is how great things are accomplished.

In the end, it comes down to trust and it’s great to feel your employer trusts you and you can trust your employer.


Robert has been with Valore Partners since January 2016.




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