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As a Senior Consultant working with Valore Partners, I am a Microsoft 365 technology specialist, teacher, and (sometimes) counselor to our clients. I have been in the Software development space for over 16 years and worked as a Consultant for 10 of those. Consulting suits me because it’s a great balance of hard-technical skills and soft skills such as time management, organization, communication, negotiation, and leadership. I have worked with Consulting companies of all sizes, from thousands of Consultants spread all over the world, to under 10 within the same office, and even managed my own independent Consulting company for several years.

Some of the challenges of consulting are typically a more intense pace and lack of connectiveness, due to colleagues often being placed on different projects. I have been with Valore Partners a little over 3 years, and they do an excellent job of mitigating the ‘down sides’ to Consulting. Valore’s people development team works hard to curate events where we can all re-connect in person, and they leverage technologies like Teams and Yammer to create a virtually connected environment.

On the home front, my 6-year-old daughter and 4-year-old son keep me very busy, and I exercise and meditate on a regular basis. I am truly grateful for Valore’s emphasis on work-life-balance. After many years in the Consulting world, it is not easy to find a company who genuinely understands and embraces the value of reducing employee ‘burn out’. I also like to stay active in the Microsoft community, listening to technical podcasts, writing blog articles, and presenting interesting topics on the bi-weekly Microsoft community calls. I am grateful that Valore sees the benefits of those efforts and supports them.



Tracy has been with Valore Partners since August 2019 & 2012-2015 


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